Codeska Case study Little Sister

Case study Little Sister

Cargo flow science solution

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Web application made for data visualization and to improve performance of sales department of freight forwarding companies. Analyzing is made from different huge databases and thus reveals cargo flows on all the way of end-to-end supply chain, abling managers to find new customers 80% faster than by usual Excel way.

Project Status


Jan 2018 - March 2018 (development)


Web App


5 people: Backend, Frontend, Data Scientist, UX/UI, QA



Target Audience

B2B - freight forwarding companies and their managers

Business Analysis

Codeska Case Business Analysis

Relevance / Problem

Sales managers of freight forwarding companies usually use Excel files of huge size (more than 40,000 lines) trying to sort and get data from customs and port databases to find new clients and close deals.

Task / Request

On of freight forwarder companies situated in Ukraine tried to solve the issue and asked us to create an application that may ease managers`everyday routine work.


The solution we provided lies in the field of web application combined with Data Science algorithms. That was a must because of customs and port databases filled by local managers by hand. This resulted in inconvenient perception of information while using it.

Codeska Case Business Analysis