We work at the intersection of IT and Supply Chain Management


About our expertise - both IT and SCM

Codeska is an IT Consulting company with Supply Chain Management background (logistics, shipping, warehouses, manufacturing, trading solutions) with a solid experience of developing custom projects from the scratch up to their implementation.

"When you're at race against time and people, just stop running and jump into the spaceship"

Andrew Lander, CEO

10 years of experience in different roles in shipping and logistics. Consulted and transformed traders to change their processes from FOB to CIF trade.

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IT solutions for Supply Chain


Trading has always been world's main economics engine, no matter if you buy or sell. You meet new global challenges and make world slightly better every day. This means you’re always in search of right solutions for your finances, commodities movement and profit increase. In our turn, we’re here to help you to solve this global and complex puzzle

Here are some fields as an example of our possibilities:
  • Database Analysis
  • Commercial calculator of commodities’ flow and physical balance
  • Automatic generation of documents and templates for your counterparties
  • Secure data transfer services
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Last year ended with 10,7 billion tons (abt 78% of total volume) of cargo transported by sea. If one day you find yourself in the middle of shipping market, you will definitely need support with chartering, operations and finance tools. You may own Panamax or coaster– size doesn’t matter. The things that really matter are your time and experience you have.

Here in Codeska we do know the cost of every demurrage hour and here are some directions where we can help you, and we can do much more:
  • The integrated finance and account system for shipowners and time-charter operators
  • Technical system for superintendents
  • Database analysis to match vessels and cargoes
  • Laytime and financial modules for operators
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The art of delivering goods in time with best accuracy and prices is in your hands. Our projects and products helped a lot of people to reach the heights. Digitalize your logistics department, manage trucks and drivers in new and efficient way. Track shipments, satisfy your clients with modern service. Manage your supply chain with grace of orchestra conductor.

Save your precious time with our effective solutions, and here are some (but not all) helpful things we can do for you:
  • Automated generation of documents and templates
  • Tracking cargo at sea
  • Integrated system for trucks and drivers management
  • Data analysis for creating logistics models
  • Solutions for wagons management
  • Creating platforms for logistics markets
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Properly digitalized and controlled warehouse logistics means that you earn more money, save time and have internal processes optimized. However, to be honest, can you sincerely say you have perfect warehouses processes? Or is it so-called bottleneck of your business? Well, we’re here to improve this precious link of supply chain management and make it really effective. With all operations and financial technologies we adopt, you and your warehouses will reach best productivity for your clients.

Let’s take a look at some examples:
  • Distribute center supply systematization
  • Systematization of internal warehouse logistics
  • Data storage, secure transfer and visualization
  • Computer vision technologies for fast identification of cargo and stuff
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The best Supply Chain Events for 2019:
  • LogiMAT 2019 - February 19-21 -Stuttgart
  • LINK 2019 (RILA Supply Chain Conference) - February 24-27 - Orlando
  • HighJump Elevate - March 3-6 - San Antonio
  • SITL Europe - March 26-28 - Paris
  • Descartes Evolution - March 26-28 - Naples, FL
  • ISM2019 - April 7-10 - Houston
  • ProMat - April 8-11 - Chicago
  • Warehousing Education and Resource Council (WERC) - April 28 - May 1 - Columbus
  • Transplace Shipper Symposium - May 6-8 - Dallas
  • eft 3PL & Supply Chain Summit - June 10-12 - Atlanta
  • CSCMP EDGE - September 15-18 - Anaheim
  • ASCM 2019 - September 16-18 - Las Vegas
  • RoboBusiness 2019 - October 1-3 - Santa Clara, CA
  • Intermodal Europe 2019 - November 5-7 - Hamburg
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  • How to Build a Business that Lasts 100 Years by Martin Reeves
  • What Happens Inside Those Massive Warehouses by Mick Mountz
  • Shape-Shifting Tech Will Change Work as We Know It by Sean Follmer
  • Got a Wicked Problem? First, Tell Me How You Make Toast by Tom Wujec
  • The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines — and the Ones We Won’t by Anthony Goldbloom
  • As Work Gets More Complex Six Rules to Simplify by Yves Morieux
  • The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Here by Oliver Scalabre
  • The Business Logic for Sustainability by Ray Anderson
  • Two Reasons Companies Fail — and How to Avoid Them by Knut Haanaes