CSR Our values: education, internal freedom, relationships


Corporate social responsibility

Today, the importance of being a socially responsible company cannot be overrated. Regardless of the scale of social issues — global, national or local — businesses must incorporate social responsibility practices into their processes. Hence, we’re always looking for a chance to support educational, scientific or children-related initiatives.

As for the things inside our company, we value education, professionalism, internal freedom, and diplomacy. If you take a peek at how our business runs, you’ll only find positivity and wholesome productivity. We trust our employees, so they are more enthusiastic about work and life and share our views on being socially responsible.

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The popularization of science in the business community

We want to establish closer relationships between science and business.

When you hear the word “science”, what comes to your mind? Development, innovations and progress. Science is our future. Every breakthrough and discovery emerge from thorough scientific research.

Unfortunately, scientists and businessmen seem to speak different languages and view one another as different “species.” As a result, businesses rarely invest in fundamental science and research projects. However, we are more than willing to mediate between the domain of money and the world of discoveries.

In 2017, there was a study conducted on the “Problems of the popularization of science.” During its course, 1,000 scientists representing 35 scientific institutions were interviewed.

According to that survey, 93% of scientists strive to translate the results of their work into something tangible and are seeking support. 86% of scientists believe they should actively engage in the popularization of science, when in reality, only 45% of them manage to do something, and mainly on a volunteer basis.

Entrepreneurs should turn to and support science because just resale, transportation, and energy are not enough to create a successful business. You need to fund science and obtain know-how, the information that can help you earn money in return for a small investment.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly support researchers and inventors and conduct our own research. We aim to show that, when working in tandem, business and science can create a very profitable partnership, especially in the field of innovation and information technology.

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The value of education in professional and personal terms

We believe that people should strive for personal development. It’s essential never to stop learning. We adore passionate people who are hungry for knowledge, so we’re ready to support educational institutions, different educational programs, as well as state, commercial and non-commercial educational initiatives.

Codeska cares about its employees and their professional growth. We want to help each of them improve their skills and qualifications, so we conduct internal surveys to track our employees’ progress. We have also adopted mentoring — sharing knowledge is an excellent way to learn new information interactively.

Our employees visit courses, special events, webinars and improve the quality of our corporate library by regularly adding assorted literature pieces.

Moreover, Codeska is always willing to share educational information and make it public at special events and panel discussions or through media and blog posts.

Children are our future

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Preserving the planet and the quality of life for future generations is one of the central pillars of Codeska.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles were developed by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children. That is the first comprehensive set of principles to guide companies on what they can and should do in order to respect and support children’s rights.

Our children are the future, and we understand that very well. Therefore, we support initiatives related to education and health problems or any other charities aiming to help children, and by doing so, we are confident that we’re building a better, brighter future.