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We do IT projects for Supply Chain industry


Who we are and what we do? - IT consulting for Supply Chain Management

We do IT services for Supply Chain industry. Codeska is an IT Consulting company with Supply Chain Management expertise. We speak the same language with partners that’s why IT projects that we make, are successful and can be easily implemented.

We do a full cycle of development services for the SCM industry — Digital Advisory, Engineering and QA, Design and Usability, Integration and Support. Also, we produce our own products — micro apps for SCM.

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Digital Advisory for SCM

Our global connectivity and understanding of supply chain industry issues helps us to ask better questions, design better answers, develop, and integrate successful IT projects.


Software development is a booming sector. In this increasingly digital age, practically every company needs to use and maintain the technology behind every app, website or program that enables a company to interact with its customers, provide them with services, process their purchases and activities.


We care about you and your customer's user experience. That is why modern engineering techniques and usability in the design are core values for us. Feel it on your own with experience, provided by specifically crafted UI UX design services that can improve your app and idea reach out.


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    Tech London Advocates Ukraine

    Tech London Advocates Ukraine help London-based scaleups to understand how we engage with Ukrainian tech companies and investors around the opportunities that the London tech ecosystem has to offer.

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    Global Ocean Link

    Global Ocean Link is the top-1 of Ukrainian container freight forwarder companies since 2011 and is an active operator in the cargo transportation and logistics market, providing complex solutions for modern business as well as freight forwarder services and logistics.

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    CISS Group

    CISS is Singapore group of companies which has survey, chartering and superintendent services for shipping market. It covers 60 countries, more than 150 sea ports and more than 3 mio tons of cargoes processed through them.

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    Largest law firm in Black Sea (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria) and in Caspian Region (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan), specializing in Transport, Shipping and International Trade from 1995.

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    Novamar has established itself as a trustworthy partner for many numerous local and international charterers and commodities traders, shipowners and fleet operators active in company's trading areas.

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    Law Firm that provides financial advice, as well as legal services in the field of information technology (IT).


A series of local companies is transformed into a single global entity

In order to unify and optimize the company’s core processes and also strengthen customer relations, F.I.L.A. wanted to address the complexity of its vast, disparate global organization. It decided to implement a structured business and technology transformation program named “DNA” (Drawing New Attitude), based on a common operating model to be deployed to all Group companies, using new technology solutions with a future-ready design that could handle both the business and manufacturing challenges of a sector in constant evolution.

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